Spray Booth Antidust Colad, 20L
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Spray Booth Antidust Colad, 20L

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Spray Booth Antidust Colad, 20L offers a transparent, protective coating with sticky properties, which forms a sticky layer on the cabin walls. It protects the walls from oversplash and captures dust particles that spin due to the sticky formula.

Benefits of Spray Booth Antidust Colad, 20L:

- keeps the walls clean
- the sticky formula adheres to overspray, dust and dirt
- ready to apply
- without silicone

Humidity: ≥ 60% RH
Consumption: 10 -12 m2/L

Number of layers: Recommended layer thickness: 100-125 microns. Recommended number of layers: 1 or 2 depending on the thickness of the application.

Application method: Apply with a spray gun, brush or paint roller.

Application: Spray booth walls.

Quantity: 20L