Sonax Flegen Beast, 1000ml
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Sonax Flegen Beast, 1000ml
Sonax Flegen Beast, 1000ml

Sonax Flegen Beast, 1000ml

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Sonax Felgen Beast, 1000ml is the latest innovation in the field, from Sonax.

Together with The Beast, contaminants and dirt have no chance! Faster and more efficient formula than Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner. Everything in an economical 1L bottle.

Simply apply Sonax Felgen Beast, 1000ml on your alloy wheels that are cold and dry, let it drain for 2-4 minutes. Then use pressurized water to remove.

Safe for all types of alloy wheels but also steel, including chrome or matte wheels.

Caution: Do not apply in the sun or on hot wheels! Do not let it dry on the rims! Don't let the solution freeze!

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