Scangrip Wheelstand
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Scangrip Wheelstand

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Scangrip Wheelstand is developed for the mobile position of the work light in the detail workshop. It is easy to move the light where you need it and at the same time, avoid awkward and difficult lifting from one workplace to another.

Scangrip Wheelstand is expandable from 0.9m / 3ft to 1.9m / 6.2ft and comes in a modernized design. The new base is equipped with 5 wheels for improved safety and stability and maneuverability in use. The wheels are robust and high quality and roll easily even on uneven surfaces. 2 of the wheels are lockable to ensure a safe and fixed position.

It is fast and the work light can be used on the SCANGRIP wheel holder, and when mounted, the light can be tilted to provide the optimal beam angle. When the job is done, it can be easily put aside.

As an additional feature of the new, updated Scangrip Wheelstand, it now comes with a flexible stand that allows you to easily position a second work light to illuminate the bottom. The additional mounting bracket is height adjustable and offers complete flexibility to position the light at the optimal height. When working on the side of the car or doing panel preparation things, this dual lighting option provides perfect, shadow-free lighting from both the top and bottom.

Scangrip Wheelstand is made of durable and robust steel, powder coated for both indoor and outdoor use.

Scangrip Wheelstand is designed to fit the Scangrip Multimatch 3, 3000 LM and the Scangrip Multimatch 8, but can also be used for a wide range of other SCANGRIP work lights.

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