Scangrip Multimatch R, Rechargeable, USB
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Scangrip Multimatch R, Rechargeable, USB

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Scangrip Multimatch R, Rechargeable, USB is part of the new range of third generation work lamps, specially designed for the car painting industry. Useful and powerful work lamp for inspection and detailing offering up to 1200 lumens. Multimatch R has the "All Daylight" function which gives you the option to choose between 5 different color temperatures depending on the load. The lamp is easy to transport and is ergonomically designed for a good grip on the handle, which is also equipped with strong integrated magnets for flexible mounting. This gives you increased flexibility and application possibilities for internal inspection of cars and other narrow areas.

Scangrip Multimatch R LED Control Lamp, Rechargeable, USB is designed for direct mounting on the Scangrip tripod and Wheel Stand. Built-in battery with USB socket for charging mobile devices.

Technical specifications:

Light source: Extremely high CRI + COB LED
Brightness: 2500lux @ 50cm / 1875lux @ 50cm / 1250lux @ 50cm / 625lux @ 50cm / 250lux @ 50cm
Luminous flux: 1200 lm 100% / 900 lm 75% / 600 lm 50% / 300 lm 25% / 120 lm 10%
Operating time: 10h
Charging time: 3.5 hours
Cable: 1 m / Black / USB standard cable to mini DC
Operating voltage: 100-240V AC 50 / 60Hz
Battery: 3.7V / 5400 mAh Li-ion
Protection: IP67
Impact protection: IK07
Net weight: 800 g
CRI: 96 CRI +
CCT: 2500-6500k (5 steps)
Temperature: -10 ̊C to +40 ̊C
Impact resistance: 1 m
Dimensions: 163 x 63 x 163 mm

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