SATAjet 5000 B HVLP 1.3 Nozzle
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SATAjet 5000 B HVLP 1.3 Nozzle

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The SATAjet 5000 B HVLP 1.3 Nozzle sets new quality standards, while painting has become as easy as ever. Being extremely versatile in terms of application distance and inlet pressure, this new high-performance spray gun is at the forefront. Now, painters have the opportunity to set the pressure and distance depending on the paint to be applied, the climatic conditions and the working method - to get perfect finishes.

Ergonomics at its maximum - SATAjet 5000 B HVLP 1.3 Nozzle was created by experts from Porsche Design Studio who translated the pure functionality into aesthetic form together with SATA specialists. Due to the optimized shape of the pistol grip, the spray gun fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. In addition, the gun handle in the DIGITAL version has the same dimensions as the standard model, which makes it the perfect spray gun for all painters, regardless of the size of their hands.

Easy to operate - However, our search for excellent ergonomics has not only influenced the development of the gun handle, but also the design of the spray fan control, material flow control, and air micrometer. Robust but lightweight, this spray gun offers a perfect combination of ease of application and durability. SATAjet 5000 B. Supreme spray equipment.

Advantages of the product SATAjet 5000 B HVLP 1.3 Nozzle:

- Nozzle concept optimized for maximum possible versatility in terms of inlet pressure and spray distance
- pistol grip with ergonomic shape
- perloxal surface for easy cleaning, corrosion resistance
- easy to adjust control elements
- safely positioned trigger sleeve - for easy, safe and fast insertion of the paint needle
- pivoting joint with the new high performance gasket
- pistol grip of identical compact dimensions for non-digital and digital spray guns
- optimized control of the spray fan at half speed

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