Rupes D-A Fine Foam Pad, 130 / 150mm, Yellow
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Rupes D-A Fine Foam Pad, 130 / 150mm, Yellow

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Rupes D-A Fine Foam Pad, 130 / 150mm, Yellow is the most versatile in the BigFoot range. It has a high rate in terms of removing defects and the ability to give an intense gloss to most painted surfaces. It combines very well with Rupes D-A Fine, 1L for removing medium and fine defects, refreshing the paint layer or final finishing after the steps in which abrasive pastes were used.

The new Rupes D-A sponges are individually packaged in high quality metallic foil packaging. The metallic foil packaging ensures excellent mechanical properties that protect against accidental breakage or puncture. The new packaging guarantees a high level of protection, so that the polyshare sponges keep their original characteristics.

Diameter: 130/150mm
Height: 25 mm
Height: 125 mm

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