Protec Electronic Spray, 400ml
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Protec Electronic Spray, 400ml

Protec Electronic Spray, 400ml

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Protec Electronic Spray, 400ml with its excellent creep feature ensures the movement of moisture from electrical cables, connectors and contacts. It forms a micro-thin film and protects the electrical connectors against moisture. Cleans contacts, removes contamination and dissolves encrusted layers. It acts as a preservative and prevents electric leakage. Reduces voltage drop. Ensures that electrical connections are functionally secured. Reduces wear and disperses moisture. Does not damage paint, plastic or rubber parts. For the maintenance and care of electrical equipment and components, such as push or snap connectors, lamps, fuses, distribution caps, circuit breakers, circuit breakers, battery terminals, alternators, starter motors, etc. Also suitable for lubricating precision designed parts such as door mechanisms, car jacks, sliding tracks and Bowden cables.

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