Professional Air Freshener ScentEvo Uno
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Professional Air Freshener ScentEvo Uno

Professional Air Freshener ScentEvo Uno

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Professional Air Freshener ScentEvo Uno is a professional air freshener equipped with an intelligent system that allows complex and personalized programming with up to 5 programs for setting the odorization interval and up to 995 intensity intervals.

Professional Air Freshener ScentEvo Uno is based on an advanced diffusion technology that transforms liquid perfume into nano vapor droplets. It is a portable professional odorization device provided with an intelligent system that allows complex and personalized programming. This technology of nano-atomization of the perfume particle ensures an efficient dispersion of the aroma throughout the diffusion period.

Professional Air Freshener ScentEvo Uno can also be installed in the HVAC ventilation system, thus increasing the volume of scented air by more than 10 times. Thus, the duration of the airborne phenomenon is very long, ensuring a long perfume.

Benefits of Professional Air Freshener ScentEvo Uno:

- the ScentEvo Uno professional air freshener allows a uniform distribution of the perfume and a digital personalization of the way of use according to wishes;
- up to 5 perfume diffusion intervals/programs;
- 995 odorization intervals depending on the desired intensity. It can be set from 5 seconds to 999 seconds of continuous operation;
- you can choose the days of the week, the hour and the minute at which the device can start or stop, for each individual program;

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 230 X 110 X 260 mm
Coverage: 800 - 1200 m³
Voltage: 12V
Power: 7.5W
Volume: <40 dB
Perfume container: 500ml
Built-in fan
Consumption: between 0.1 ml - 0.4 ml per hour, depending on the level of intensity
Weight: 3 kg
White color
No batteries required
It closes with a key

Advantages of perfumes: The aromas are spread evenly, covering a large surface. We offer a wide range of delicate perfumes. Perfumes are based on essential oils and are safe for health. The advanced diffusion technology avoids loading the space with unhealthy particles. The product does not contain VOC (volatile organic compounds). The perfume container is easy to assemble and disassemble. The professional air freshener is silent, economical and has an elegant design. It does not require maintenance, costs are significantly reduced.

Attention: The perfume is purchased separately.

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