Pingi Car-Dehumidifier, 150gr
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Pingi Car-Dehumidifier, 150gr

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Pingi Car-Dehumidifier, 150gr combats excessive moisture in the passenger compartment of motor vehicles, caravans or boats. For reuse: put the pillow in the microwave. When the dehumidification pillow reaches saturation, it appears on an indicator that changes color from blue to pink. In this case it is necessary to dehydrate the pillow:

1. Place the pillow on a microwave-safe plate
2. The indicator must be facing up
3. Put the plate with the pillow in the oven and turn on the heating for 6 minutes, at a power of 600W.
4. That's it! After dehydration, the indicator turns blue again, the pillow being ready for a new use

The pillow can also be dehydrated on the radiator, or exposed to the sun - but the operation will take longer.

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