Perfume Diffuser Aromastreamer 360
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Perfume Diffuser Aromastreamer 360

Perfume Diffuser Aromastreamer 360

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Perfume Diffuser Aromastreamer 360 is an elegant ambient perfume diffuser that can be easily cataloged in the category of premium products, small and light, intended for use in spaces up to 15 m² or car. It can be used at home, at the office or anywhere you want to enjoy the pleasant aromas that delight your senses. The high quality of the perfumes is given by the raw material used - natural essential oils.

Perfume Diffuser Aromastreamer 360 works on the principle of fine micro-atomization of perfumes, which guarantees a fast aromatization of the spaces due to the setting of the 3 different intensities, which will ensure an optimal fragrance. An absorbent included in the perfume composition removes unpleasant odors from the room air, quickly and efficiently.

Perfume Diffuser Aromastreamer 360 works for 3 hours, after which it automatically switches to standby mode and must be reactivated manually when you want the device to continue spraying the perfume, thus avoiding unnecessary perfume consumption if you forget to turn off the device. Perfume Diffuser Aromastreamer 360 guarantees an operating time of approximately 20 hours for a battery charge, and charging takes approximately 3 hours.


- simple operation
- elegant design (Aluminum + Glass)
- glass perfume cartridge (included in the kit)
- premium perfume content 65 ml
- USB cable included
- autonomy 20 hours
- full charge 2.5-3 hours
- dimensions 90 x 56 mm
- weight 472 g

Caution: This device only works with perfumes recommended by the manufacturer. These perfumes are created from natural essential oils that will ensure the highest quality of perfume and safety of use without the risk of inhalation of dangerous chemicals. The perfumes are produced from IFRA certified essential oils.

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