Nextzett Kabelschutz-Spray, 300ml
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Nextzett Kabelschutz-Spray, 300ml

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Nextzett Kabelschutz-Spray, 300ml offers long-term protection against damage caused by rodents to machine components, such as electronic cables, ignition cables, brake hoses and radiators, belts and sleeves, shock absorbers or spring systems. The only anti-rodent spray that also contains additional corrosion protection additives for the engine block, gear components and front axle suspension.

Nextzett Kabelschutz-Spray, 300ml has a formula based on various fragrances and fast-tasting compounds, fast-evaporating solvents as well as gluing agents and corrosion inhibitors. The product acts exclusively on the basis of its innovative combination of active ingredients, adheres to surfaces and provides an unpleasant odor for rodents and other types of animals. They will avoid entering the engine to sleep and gnaw on plastic components. The smell is harmless to humans. It can also be used in basements or wherever you want to get rid of these animals. It can also be used on wheels to prevent dogs from urinating.

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