Nextzett Cockpit Premium, 500ml
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Nextzett Cockpit Premium, 500ml

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Nextzett Cockpit Premium, 500ml is specially developed for cars, giving them an original matte look of the factory. Used for board, vinyl chairs, door handles, interior plastics, navigation screens, main / stereo units, pedals. Nextzett Cockpit Premium, 500ml cleans the components and prevents discoloration caused by the sun and heat. Its lightweight formula is water-based and contains no oils, which gives a clean finish. The non-slip finish allows the product to be applied to the steering wheel, changer and seats in imitation leather. It has a complex use around the garage and the house.

In time, the oils and dirt get soaked in plastic, leaving a dirt film. Regular use of the product is the key to keeping your car interior fresh, as new. The matte finish does not attract dust and is not oily to the touch.

Care of the dashboard and console between the seats is not difficult at all. Simply spray and wipe with Nextzett Cockpit Premium , 500ml each time you wash your car. Nextzett Cockpit Premium, 500ml will leave your interior clean and protected and a completely special finish. This product, unlike other products of the same kind, will leave a truly matte finish and a fresh citrus smell!

Content: 500 ml