Nanolex SiShield, 50ml
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Nanolex SiShield, 50ml
Nanolex SiShield, 50ml
Nanolex SiShield, 50ml

Nanolex SiShield, 50ml

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Nanolex SiShield, 50ml - Ceramic Protection is a protection for car varnishes to offer remarkable chemical and mechanical resistance, combined with a great ease of application. Nanolex SiShield, 50ml provides excellent protection against corrosion and hardness for all painted surfaces, as well as for unpainted plastics and metals. Due to a high level of hydophobicity and density, the protective layer formed by Nanolex SiShield will offer excellent cleaning properties.

Number of layers applied: 1 layer (minimum), 3 layers (sufficient)
Durability: 12000 - 20000 km
Drying time (maturity): 90% in the first 24 hours, 10% in the first week after application

Nanolex SiShield, 50ml was developed, tested and produced in Germany.

Quantity: 50 ml