Nanolex Si3D, 50ml
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Nanolex Si3D, 50ml
Nanolex Si3D, 50ml

Nanolex Si3D, 50ml

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Nanolex Si3D, 50ml - Ceramic Protection is a protection specially designed to meet the highest requirements and needs of customers. Si3D molecules are precursors of ceramic and hybrid materials. These molecules are composed of silicon, nitrogen and hydrogen, as well as organic compounds such as carbon. These extremely strong polymers have a low viscosity and do not contain solvents. Nanolex Si3D, 50ml also has a thermoplastic component used in addition to form a strong hydrophobic flexible layer. This product offers weather resistance, as well as protection against corrosion and against chemical solutions (active foams, etc.). Nanolex Si3D, 50ml can increase the total hardness of the varnish layer up to 9H, adding a transparent and shiny layer, deepening at the same time the color of the surface. Depending on the number of layers of product applied, the final thickness may vary. The number of layers applied together with the sophisticated three-dimensional structure of the Si3D matrix makes the lacquer layer resistant to chemicals used in car washes, as well as abrasion resistance.

However, the benefits shared by Nanolex Si3D, 50ml do not end with remarkable levels of protection and durability. Perhaps even more importantly, the treated surfaces become more glossy (Si3D offers improved color and depth), more resistant (due to the hardness of the silicon-based matrix) and hydrophobic (water will not stay on the treated surface). This last feature is not only for contact with water, but also for a faster cleaning of dirt (Lotus effect).

Unlike classic protections (wax, sealant) where the protective layer disappears over time or with the use of aggressive substances for cleaning, the protection offered by Nanolex Si3D, 50ml offers remarkable durability and insensitivity to abrasion created by frequent washing and use of alkaline substances. strong or acidic detergents.

Number of layers applied: 1 layer (minimum), 3 layers (sufficient)
Durability: approx. 30,000 km
Drying time (maturity): 90% in the first 24 hours, 10% in the first week after application

Nanolex Si3D 50ml - Ceramic Protection is developed, tested and produced in Germany.

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