Motorex Chain Lube Professional, 500ml
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Motorex Chain Lube Professional, 500ml

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Motorex Chain Lube Professional, 500ml, completely synthetic, for use in industry, construction, transport and agriculture. Specially designed for chain loads used in industry. Remarkable lubricating properties, penetrates deep and is resistant to water and dirt.

Motorex Chain Lube Professional, 500ml can be used to lubricate all common chain systems. It was developed especially for industrial and agricultural applications and is particularly suitable for the tasks borne by industrial chains (transport chains, leaf chains, roller chains, storage chains, sorting chains, etc.).

Shake the container before use. Spray the cleaned chain and let it work. For best results, first clean the chain with Motorex Chain Clean Degreaser, 500ml.

Benefits of Motorex Chain Lube Professional, 500ml:

- completely synthetic
- water and dirt resistant
- extremely adhesive
- excellent penetration
- compatible with all common chain types

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