Menzerna Control Cleaner, 500ml
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Menzerna Control Cleaner, 500ml

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Menzerna Control Cleaner, 500ml is a safe, water-based formula, created to clean freshly polished surfaces, so you can inspect your work. At the same time, Menzerna Top Inspection is used to remove light dirt and fingerprints between washes. The water-based formula does not contain silicone and is safe to use on paints or plastics.

Menzerna Control Cleaner is an ideal product for polishing purposes. Remove dust and debris left behind after polishing operation to see the real results of your work. It was created for painting workshops and for detailing workshops. The substance does not contain silicone and can be used in the paint booth. It is not flammable and does not irritate the eyes or the skin, it is not dangerous for breathing, so it can be used in closed environments.

Content: 500 ml