Menzerna Compounding Pad, 150 mm
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Menzerna Compounding Pad, 150 mm

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If you work with a polishing machine, the Menzerna Compounding Pad, 150 mm offers exceptional performance, at an affordable price. Menzerna Compounding Pad, 150 mm is very hard and has an aggressive cutting action that removes even the most severe scratches or rust marks. It is the most aggressive sponge in the current range from Menzerna, so use this pad very carefully, and do not forget to finish with the yellow finish pad along with a finish polish from Menzerna such as Menzerna Super Finish (SF- 4000) PO106FA.

Our tip: If you have a 5-inch cutter, this is the ideal sponge for you. Menzerna Compounding Pad - Hard Polish Pad 150 mm generates enough energy to successfully break abrasive substances from the most aggressive Menzerna compound polish (Menzerna Fast Gloss (S500)).

Diameter: 150 mm
Depth: 35 mm

Note: It is compatible with all 5 - 5.5 inch heels on the market.

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