Liqui Moly Pro-Line Electronic-Spray, 400ml
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Liqui Moly Pro-Line Electronic-Spray, 400ml

Liqui Moly Pro-Line Electronic-Spray, 400ml

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Liqui Moly Pro-Line Electronic-Spray, 400ml is completely synthetic compatible with plastics for cleaning and care of contaminated electrical parts. Protects electronic parts against corrosion by removing moisture and water. Removes oxide and sulfur layers, thus reduces contact resistance, protects electronic parts and ensures operational reliability. No side effects on plastic and rubber components. The fast drying effect leaves no residue and does not contain silicone.

Benefits of Liqui Moly Pro-Line Electronic-Spray, 400ml:

- reduces contact resistance
- leaves no residue
- neutral behavior in contact with rubber and plastics
- without silicone
- also suitable for aerial works
- penetrates and drives away moisture
- good corrosion protection
- cleans contaminated contacts

How to use: Spray on electrical components before assembly, then assemble. In severely corroded contacts, leave on for longer. Removes loose corrosion residue with a cloth or brush. The foldable capillary tube ensures precision spraying. For large areas, spray with the capillary tube folded inside. It also sprays when reversed. After spraying, wait 10 minutes before connecting electrical components to power.

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