Liqui Moly Grinding Paste, 300gr
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Liqui Moly Grinding Paste, 300gr

Liqui Moly Grinding Paste, 300gr

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Liqui Moly Grinding Paste, 300gr for easy removal of degraded and opaque varnish layers, coarse impurities, sprayed varnish mist, scratches and cracks in surfaces. Surfaces treated with sanding paste can be varnished without the need for another treatment process. No silicone. Suitable for polishing machines.

Benefits of Liqui Moly Grinding Paste, 300gr:

- suitable for polishing machines
- easy removal of resistant paint layers
- easy to use
- prepares surfaces for painting
- very high quality standard

How to use: Clean the surfaces to be treated. The paste is applied on the scratched, oxidized or dirty part with a sponge or cloth and rubbed until they disappear, after which it is painted by polishing and preserving.

Quantity: 300 gr