Liqui Moly Bike Chain Spray, 400ml
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Liqui Moly Bike Chain Spray, 400ml

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Liqui Moly Bike Chain Spray, 400ml for bicycle chain used for wet and dirty surfaces as well as for dry and dusty surfaces. Removes grease, with protection effect against water and ensures optimal operation. Excellent grip and penetration. Does not interact with plastics. It is based on plant components to prevent environmental pollution.

Properties of Liqui Moly Bike Chain Spray, 400ml:

- very hydrophobic
- does not attack plastics, paints and metals
- prevents squeaking
- high wear resistance
- biologically degradable
- good grip
- good protection against corrosion

Use: Clean the chain with Liqui Moly Bike Chain Cleaner, 400ml. Shake the spray well and spray a thin layer on the dry chain. Removes excess.

Remarks: Avoid contact with the brakes!

Quantity: 400ml