Nextzett Leather Care, 250ml
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Nextzett Leather Care, 250ml

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Nextzett Leather Care, 250ml cleans, cares and protects the leather to maintain the natural look of all car upholstery or leather furniture. Removes dirt accumulated over time that can damage the skin. It prevents the leather from drying out and prevents it from becoming brittle, having balm and UV protectors in the composition. Restores dry leather to its original suppleness. It leaves a clean, non-greasy finish with a pleasant smell of lavender and sandalwood. Nextzett Leather Care, 250ml does not damage the leather stitches and does not penetrate the perforated leather. It can be used on the interior components of the car, motorcycles, bags, boots and furniture. Always test the product in a hidden area for incompatibility.

Caution: Do not use on turned leather (Suede) or unfinished leather (not covered). To detect if you have this type of leather, do the water drop test. Place a drop of water on the skin surface, if it absorbs immediately and causes a dark stain you have uncoated leather, if it slips (makes beads), the leather is covered.

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