Leather Color Refresher Colourlock Leather Fresh, F034, Black, 1L
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Leather Color Refresher Colourlock Leather Fresh, F034, Black, 1L

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Leather Color Refresher Colourlock Leather Fresh, F034, Black, 1L is an ideal product for refreshing the colors on worn, scratched or discolored leather surfaces both in vehicles and furniture.

The amount of 30 ml is normally enough to treat small defects such as the corners of the gents or worn leather on steering wheels or gear shifters. The amount of 150 ml is sufficient to treat defects that usually form in a vehicle with normal wear of the front seats or that form over time on leather furniture. One liter is sufficient for cases where the affected surfaces are larger or for several vehicles and furniture elements.

Tips for Leather Fresh:

Before starting the process of refreshing the color, always check on a hidden area if Leather Fresh matches the color.
Leather Fresh is suitable for changing the color only on small portions.
Leather Fresh is a product only for refreshing the color. In most cases, it is applied from one seam to another. Very degraded leathers will not look better just with the help of the Leather Fresh product. Such surfaces only need to be cleaned and cared for.
Leather Fresh can also be applied with a paint gun. The result is much more pleasant, especially on large surfaces.
Imperfections can be smoothed with Leather Sanding Pad before moving on to the next step.
Leather Fresh in different shades can be mixed to obtain another color, but you need skill in matching the colors.
For small repairs, Leather Fresh can also be used on vinyl or plastic.
Always dry Leather Fresh using a hair dryer with cold air. The color will match better and you will save time. In addition, by letting Leather Fresh dry without using a hair dryer, the previously applied layers will be erased.
Always work at room temperature! At low temperatures, Leather Fresh will not dry enough, and work is not comfortable at such temperatures.
For this operation, we recommend that you allocate sufficient time without rushing. The speed in refreshing the colors is specific to professionals in the field who do such operations daily. Those who work without rushing will get better results.

For fine work, you can use the Mini Brush

In the case of seams of a different color than that of the leather, extra attention is needed!

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