Leather Cleaner Mild and Shield Set Colourlock, 1L
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Leather Cleaner Mild and Shield Set Colourlock, 1L

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Leather Cleaner Mild and Shield Set Colourlock, 1L is a set for new leather maintenance. Ideal for cleaning and protecting new leather. This set includes everything needed to clean and protect new nappa leather from vehicles, furniture, and other categories. Dirty surfaces will become clean. To clean the dirt impregnated in the texture of the surfaces, use the Leather Cleaning Brush.

Before the leather is cared for (moisturized or protected), it must be cleaned. This prevents dirt from settling on the leather through grooming. The Leather Cleaning Brush helps to easily remove dirt embedded in the leather texture.

The new leather must be maintained for the first 3 years with the help of the Leather Shield product. The new leather does not require hydration, but it does require effective protection against friction and signs of wear, as well as the discoloration of clothes. In particular, the driver's seat (sports seat shoulders and raised support cushions) or light colored furniture seats have signs of wear or stains or discoloration even in the first three years. This is effectively prevented by the Leather Shield protection.

How to use: Always test the products on a hidden area. Both Mild and Strong Leather Cleaner are packaged in bottles equipped with a special foaming device. The detergent in the form of foam has greater cleaning power than the one in liquid state, the consumption is considerably reduced and the leather does not become too wet, this prevents its hardening after drying. Put the cleansing foam on a sponge. Do not apply directly to the leather. Use the foam to clean the leather from one seam to another. Repeat the procedure as many times as needed. Use a cloth slightly moistened with water to remove the dirt and the detergent, and then let it dry.

Normally, the leather must be cleaned very well in case of dirt with Mild Cleaner for normal dirt or with Strong Cleaner for extreme dirt. This prevents the mess from setting in with repainting or care. The Colourlock Leather Cleaning Brush makes cleaning easier in the case of dirt embedded in the leather texture. After cleaning, we recommend you take care of your leather.

In the case of old leather, the stains are impregnated in the leather structure or the so-called mess is actually a degradation of the color. Such stains cannot always be removed with the help of detergents or not completely. In such cases, use Leather Fresh to restore the color or consult a leather specialist.

Leather Shield is applied to dry leather after cleaning. Put a small amount of Leather Shield in a fine cloth and then apply thinly and evenly on the leather from one seam to another. Let it dry without polishing. Usually, a single application is sufficient. Repeat the process only in the case of very sensitive or very demanding leathers. For highly stressed areas (used repeatedly), protect the leather once every 3 months, and for those used under normal conditions, once every 6 or 12 months.


1 x Mild Leather Cleaner, 1 L 
1 x Foam Dispenser Bottle
1 x Leather Shield, 1 L
1 x Leather Cleaning Brush
1 x Cleaning Sponge
2 x Cleaning Cloth