Kovax Buflex Dry Abrasive Paper P2000
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Kovax Buflex Dry Abrasive Paper P2000

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Kovax Buflex Dry Abrasive Paper P2000

Buflex Dry Abrasive System

Application: unique dry sanding system to remove imperfections from the paint.


The most important feature of the Buflex Dry system is to maintain the structure of the lake. Moreover, Buflex Dry creates very fine scratches. Thanks to the Buflex Dry pad, the scratches are so minimal in depth that the correction time for removing scratches can be reduced by up to 40%. The Buflex Dry system offers the possibility to remove imperfections by dry grinding, up to and including P3000 abrasiveness. The advantages of this system are numerous. The dry grinding system is much cleaner than the wet grinding system and you can see better what you sand.

Abrasiveness: 2000
Dimensions: 130 x 170 mm

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