Koch Chemie One Cut Pad, 150x23mm
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Koch Chemie One Cut Pad, 150x23mm

Koch Chemie One Cut Pad, 150x23mm

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Koch Chemie One Cut Pad, 150x23mm is a medium abrasive sponge for removing moderate defects (oxidation, scratches) together with the new Koch Chemie One Cut P6.01 polish paste or any other 3 in 1 paste. 23 mm creates low torsional forces, very good handling and the highest level of stability.

The special density of the foam material allows a long-lasting firmness and stable compression during polishing. Optimal crosslinking (open cell structure) and cell number contribute to a high-gloss finish and very good hygiene factors. The milled edge provides additional flexibility to the sponge, allowing it to fit more easily around contours. The colored non-woven velcro material, suitable for polishing, ensures the safety of the process.

Diameter: 150 mm
Compression strength: 12
Abrasiveness: 5

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