Imitation Leather Care Set Colourlock, 1L
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Imitation Leather Care Set Colourlock, 1L

Imitation Leather Care Set Colourlock, 1L

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Imitation Leather Care Set Colourlock, 1L is a set for artificial leather (vinyl) maintenance. Artificial leather and plastic surfaces are durable and resistant materials. For reasons of hygiene and protection, such surfaces must be cleaned and protected periodically. Imitation Leather Care Set Colourlock, 1L contains everything needed for cleaning and protection. Dirty surfaces will become clean and protected.

Artificial Leather Protector protects the surface after cleaning. Thus, dirt and wear are reduced. This product does not change the appearance of the surfaces in any way.

Imitation Leather Care Set Colourlock, 1L is enough to treat a complete interior of a vehicle or a set of furniture. Cleaning is done only on areas with dirt, and protection is applied to all surfaces. The 1 liter set can be used for several interiors of cars or furniture or interiors of boats and yachts.

How to use: Always test the products to observe any changes.

Imitation Leather Cleaner: Put a small amount of foam on the Cleaning Sponge. Clean the entire surface with foam. For the dirt fixed in the surface texture, use the Cleaning Brush. Remove the residues with the help of a wet and clean cloth, Cleaning Cloth. When you use a light-colored cloth, you will be able to easily tell if it is necessary to repeat the cleaning procedure.

Imitation Leather Protector: apply on clean and dry surfaces. Shake a small amount of Imitation Leather Protector in a soft cloth and apply gently and evenly over the entire surface. Then let it dry without polishing. A single application is usually sufficient. Repeat the procedure only on sensitive or exposed surfaces. Apply once every 3 months on sensitive or exposed surfaces and once every 6-12 months on normally used surfaces.


1 x Imitation Leather Cleaner, 1L
1 x Imitation Leather Protector, 1L
1 x Leather Cleaning Brush
1 x Cleaning Sponge
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x Foam Dispenser Bottle