Hydraulic Oil Mobil Univis N 46, 20L
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Hydraulic Oil Mobil Univis N 46, 20L

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Hydraulic Oil Mobil Univis N 46, 20L are high-performance premium anti-wear hydraulic oils, designed to meet a wide range of hydraulic equipment requirements. The products exhibit high viscosity indices, contributing to their excellent properties at low and high temperatures, making them an excellent choice for equipment that is subject to a wide range of start-up and operating temperatures. Univis N series oils are formulated with good shear stability, allowing their use in high pressure and high temperature operating environments for long periods of time. They offer a long life of the oil/filter and optimal protection of the equipment, reducing both maintenance costs and product disposal costs. Univis N Series oils are formulated with selected high quality base oils and a carefully selected additive system that provides very good anti-wear properties, rust and corrosion protection, good demulsibility, oxidation resistance, good anti-foam and release properties air speed. They are designed to work with systems operating in moderate conditions where high levels of anti-wear protection are required.

Using Univis N Series hydraulic oils can result in less wear and corrosion. This results in longer operating periods and lower maintenance costs. Their excellent oxidation and thermal stability safely allow an extended service life, while controlling the formation of sludge and deposits. Univis N has very good flow characteristics at low temperatures and good protection at high temperatures.

Benefits of Hydraulic Oil Mobil Univis N 46, 20L:

- high viscosity index and good shear stability maintain excellent viscosity characteristics for long periods of time
- low pour points support good fluidity conditions at low temperatures
- high performance and smooth hydraulic operations, derived from fast air release, very good foam control and good water separability
- the exceptional protection against corrosion reduces the negative effects of moisture on the system components
- efficient oxidation and thermal stability characteristics reduce deposits and improve valve performance


- univis N can be used in a wide variety of industrial, mobile and marine applications
- systems in which low starting temperatures and high operating temperatures are typical
- hydraulic systems that require anti-wear oils
- systems containing gears and bearings in which light anti-wear characteristics are desirable
- systems that require a high degree of load capacity and anti-wear protection
- applications where humidity is present and a good protection against corrosion is an advantage
- machines that use a wide range of components that use different metallurgy in their design

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