Headlight Restorer Wipes Kit Armor All
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Headlight Restorer Wipes Kit Armor All

Headlight Restorer Wipes Kit Armor All

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Most headlight lenses are made of polycarbonate-based materials, which tend to oxidize over time, leading to reduced visibility. Blurred yellow headlights can pose a safety hazard. Current headlight cleaning solutions are often complicated and require tools, time and effort. But with the Headlight Restorer Wipes Kit Armor All, all you need are 2 wipes and 10 minutes to restore your headlights like new.

Benefits of Headlight Restorer Wipes Kit Armor All:

- no need for sandpaper or tools
- a kit cleans two headlights
- only 2 simple steps are required
- step 1 Clean Wipe eliminates oxidation
- step 2 Protect Wipe seals the headlight with a UV protection layer


Step 1: Wipes to remove oxidation

Note: the wipe will evaporate very quickly. Do not open the package until you are ready to restore a headlight and it works very fast while you delete. The active ingredients will evaporate in 3-5 minutes after opening the bag. Park the car in a cool, shady place before treatment.

Avoid contact with painted surfaces: Use duct tape to protect painted surfaces around the headlight.

1. Make sure the headlight is clean and dry.
2. Open a "STEP 1 CLEAN" envelope and remove the wipes. Keep wipes folded to reduce evaporation.
3. Rub the headlight with firm, even pressure in a horizontal back and forth motion. You will notice that the oxidation residue starts to be removed.
4. Turn the wipe to a clean place, keeping the wipes folded.
5. Continue to wipe, turning the napkin in the cleaning section as needed until no residue is visible on the wipe. Throw away the wipe.
Note: Although your headlight may look clear, additional in-depth cleaning may be required to ensure that all oxidation is removed.
6. Repeat 1–5 on the other headlight.

Step 2: UV protection wipes with sealant

1. Make sure that both headlights have been cleaned with wipes to remove oxidation and that the surface is dry before applying sealant. For best results, wipe the surface with a clean, lint-free towel first.
2. Open a "STEP 2 PROTECT" envelope and remove the napkin.
3. Apply on the surface of the headlight wiping in one direction, similar to applying a coat of paint. Repeat at the second headlight. A napkin should cover two headlights.
4. Allow the surface to dry completely. The surface will be dry to the touch in about 3 hours. Do not touch the surface and avoid contact with water until dry.

NOTE: The product is only suitable for polycarbonate headlights.

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