Gyeon Q2M Iron, 500 ml
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Gyeon Q2M Iron, 500 ml

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Gyeon Q2M Iron, 500 ml is one of the most effective solutions for removing iron particles from the surface of paint or rims. This product has been specially developed to facilitate the cleaning of the paint, which can be used by both retailers and enthusiasts. Gyeon Q2M Iron, 500 ml can be used on paint, rims, trim and glass. Gyeon Q2M Iron, 500 ml has been tested on various surfaces and the neutral pH formula guarantees complete safety on all exterior surfaces of the car. Upon contact with the iron particles, the color Gyeon Q2M Iron, 500 ml will change and become purple. Also, the typical smell for this product segment has been reduced to a minimum, to make its use more pleasant.

pH: Neutral
Consumption: 150 ml / car

Content: 500 ml