Gyeon Q2M Bathe+, 400ml
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Gyeon Q2M Bathe+, 400ml

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Gyeon Q2M Bathe+ is the best possible all-in-one product available. It is not just a shampoo, it is a product that cleans and offers protection in one step. In addition to the cleaning power, Gyeon Q2M Bathe+ also offers a protective layer with a great hydrophobic effect. This shampoo is an excellent solution when you want a quick wash and protection. Gyeon Q2M Bathe+  will leave the gloss finish outstanding.

Durability protection: up to 6 weeks
SIO2 (silicon dioxide): <5%
PH: 6
Consumption: 15 - 20 ml / car
Dilution: 40 - 50 ml / 20 liters of water

Content: 400 ml