Gyeon Q2 Rim Kit, 30ml
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Gyeon Q2 Rim Kit, 30ml

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Gyeon Q2 Rim Kit, 30ml is a product for the protection of car / motorcycle wheels, based on silicon (SiO2). The major advantage of this product is its durability and self-cleaning properties. Gyeon Q2 Rim Kit, 30ml is resistant to all chemicals with a pH between 2 and 11. Gyeon Q2 Rim has been designed to fit any type of rim, whether it is standard or anodized, magnesium or lip alloy. polished. After application, the rim will be protected by a layer with hydrophobic properties against dirt, dust from the brake pads, etc. Many rim finishes are sensitive to impregnation with iron particles from the brake pads. Gyeon Q2 Rim Kit, 30ml will prevent these iron particles from sticking to the rim surface.

Durability: 6 - 9 months / 10,000 km
Thickness: 0.5 qm
Tolerant pH: 2 - 11
Hardness: + 3H
Temperature resistance:> 350 ° C
Consumption: 15 ml / 1 set rim

Contents: 1 kit (Q2 Rim 30ml, 4 cloths, protective mask, applicator, instruction manual)