The Gyeon Prism Mini, Rechargeable
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The Gyeon Prism Mini, Rechargeable

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The Gyeon Prism Mini, Rechargeable is a superb maintenance tool for outstanding performance in detailing. This lamp was developed together with the leader in professional lighting Scangrip. Gyeon's cooperation with Scangrip was a very creative design process. The small size Gyeon Prism Mini is the ideal inspection lamp for any professional enthusiast or retailer. With adjustable power (2 modes) and 2 different light temperatures, it is perfect for any type of inspection.

Using the Gyeon Prism Mini, Rechargeable you will be able to quickly detect any imperfections in the lake, including fine scratches or if the lake correction has been done well. It is the most handy control lamp you can have. The lamp has a support for hanging and the handle is made of rubber.


Before use, first charge the Gyeon Prism Mini, Rechargeable using the supplied USB charging cable. The first charge will take about an hour (when all four battery status indicators turn green). The low initial loading time is due to the fact that the Gyeon Prism Mini is supplied partially charged. Please note that the Prism Mini should not be stored with a flat battery, as this may damage the unit. We recommend that you fully charge it every 30 days, even when you are not using it.

The recommended way of highlighting defects is by switching between the two color temperatures, standing at a distance of 50-100cm and moving the beam slowly over the area. Step 1 is for the detection of general defects, and step 2 is recommended for checking the correction works, but as mentioned, it helps to switch between the two.

Technical specifications:

Color temperature: warm white (4500K) / cold white (6500K)
Light power: 100-200 lumens
Technology: COB LED
Built-in magnet and robust rotary hook
Solvent-resistant glass lens - easily removed for cleaning
Battery: 3.7V 1600 mAh Li-ion Battery
Battery life: 4 hours at 50% (step 1), 2 hours at 100% (step 2)
CE approved
Reload time: 4 hours from fully downloaded
Recharging method: USB charging cable (supplied)
Supplied with an instruction manual

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