GLD Leather Solvent Colourlock, 1L
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GLD Leather Solvent Colourlock, 1L

GLD Leather Solvent Colourlock, 1L

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GLD Leather Solvent Colourlock, 1L is an ideal product for removing discolorations. Discolorations on furniture or car upholstery from clothing, belts, bags, wallets or staples are common. When these discolorations were not cleaned immediately, they will penetrate the material, making their removal impossible with ordinary cleaning products. With the help of the GLD product they can be removed.

The amount of 225 ml of GLD is normally sufficient considering that it is only used for removing difficult stains. The amount of one liter of GLD is recommended for experienced users who use it frequently.

How to use: Depending on the material, a first attempt to remove discoloration is done with Colourlock Strong Leather Cleaner, 1000ml or Imitation Leather Cleaner Set Colourlock, 1L.

If satisfactory results are not obtained, apply a small amount of GLD on a dry soft, clean, lint-free cloth and carefully clean the surface. Always test the product on a hidden area. Some surfaces dissolve easily (in the case of furniture leather), and others more difficult (in the case of automotive leather). Haste will make the problem worse if one does not pay attention when working with GLD.

GLD dissolves the protective layer of the paint. During the operation to remove the discoloration, a little paint will dissolve. Then, the discoloration can be seen on the cloth. Therefore, you have to work very carefully so as not to completely remove the paint layer. If the paint layer has been removed or the discoloration has not been completely removed, then you must refresh the color with Leather Fresh in the right color. Removes the residues formed after applying GLD with Polishing Pad 4000.

GLD is effective in about 50% of cases without the need to refresh the color. The bigger the discoloration marks, the lower the chances of removing them with GLD without needing to refresh the color with Leather Fresh. Artificial leather is more difficult to clean than natural leather.

To avoid future impregnation of discolorations, the surface must be periodically protected with Colourlock Leather Shield, 1000ml. This product prevents the penetration of discoloration into the material. For safety, all surfaces that have not been affected by discoloration and are subject to this risk, must be protected with Leather Shield. Always apply Leather Shield on surfaces previously cleaned with Mild or Strong Leather Cleaner.

In extreme cases, the source of the discoloration must be identified. Shake a clean, light-colored cloth on the object that raises suspicions and check if discoloration appears. Such objects should no longer come into contact with the affected surfaces.

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