Disinfectant Gel Anios Aniosgel 800, 1L
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Disinfectant Gel Anios Aniosgel 800, 1L

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Disinfectant Gel Anios Aniosgel 800, 1L is part of the range of products developed by the Anios company, a world leader in the medical disinfectants segment, and represents an aid for hand disinfection in medical centers, hospitals but not only. It is ideal for disinfecting hands for surgical activities.

The gel hand sanitizer from Anios is a high-performance product that acts immediately, destroying a wide range of bacteria, viruses and microbes.

Bacteria: EN 13727
MRB and XRB according to the EN 13727 standard
Mycobacteria: EN 14348
Fungi: EN 13624
Viruses: EN 14476: Poliovirus, Adenovirus, Norovirus MNV
HIV-1, PRV (HBV surrogate), BVDV (HCV surrogate), Rotavirus, Herpes virus, RSV, Rotavirus according to EN 14476

Aniosgel 800 is APPROVED BIOCIDAL with no. 3658BIO/01/12.24, issued by the Ministry of Health, the National Commission for Biocide products.

Benefits of Disinfectant Gel Anios Aniosgel 800, 1L:

- it is dermatologically tested;
- it is adapted for sensitive skin;
- keeps the skin hydrated;
- does not contain allergenic substances;
- acts quickly, in just 30 seconds after application;
- it is a product that complies with the standards in the field;
- it is ideal for hand disinfection for surgical activities.

The Aniosgel gel hand sanitizer is not diluted, it is used as such, and is presented in a bottle with a pump for easy use. The pump offers a sufficient amount of 3 ml for the correct disinfection of hands.

Quantity: 1L