Disc Pad 3M Hookit, 75mm
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Disc Pad 3M Hookit, 75mm

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Disc Pad 3M Hookit, 75mm securely holds a 3M Hookit Sanding or Finishing Disc or a 3M Finesse-it Sanding Disc for use with a hand sander such as a rotary, orbital or orbital sander random. The 45-degree tapered edge provides flexibility and allows the sanded area to be feathered or blended more easily.

Benefits of Disc Pad 3M Hookit, 75mm:

- the J hooks securely hold a 3M Hookit disc or a 3M polish sponge;
- for use with a random orbital sander, a rotary sander or a right angle grinder;
- the 3M Hookit system ensures easy removal and reuse;
- the 45 degree conical edge offers some flexibility for cutting and mixing feathers;

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