Brake Fluid TRW DOT 5.1, 250ml
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Brake Fluid TRW DOT 5.1, 250ml

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TRW has developed DOT 5.1 ESP universal brake fluid with low viscosity – providing the best drainage properties for these systems, especially at low temperatures. The use of Brake Fluid TRW DOT 5.1, 250ml reduces the latent risk of stopping over a longer distance and losing control of the vehicle. Brake Fluid TRW DOT 5.1, 250ml maintains its viscosity even at extremely low temperatures, and the brakes react faster regardless of the conditions.

Recommended for heavy, high-performance vehicles, including those equipped with ABS / ESP systems. Specially developed for the needs of ABS / ESP systems.

- Brake Fluid TRW DOT 5.1, 250ml is the world leader
- TRW is the only worldwide supplier of DOT 5.1 ESP
- Can be used for applications with DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 4 ESP and DOT 5.1
- This brake fluid exceeds more international applications than any other

Quantity: 250 ml