Bilt Hamber Medium Clay, 200gr
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Bilt Hamber Medium Clay, 200gr

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Bilt Hamber Medium Clay, 200gr offers a safe method of removing harmful contamination of vehicle paint, which leads to improved durability and increased gloss after applying a layer of wax. Using it twice a year (once in spring, once in autumn) you will see that it has a clean and ready paint ready for the application of protection. Contamination can be composed of tiny metallic particles of railway dust, dust from the braking system, non-metallic substances (glue from trees, bird droppings or insect residues). This contamination affects the appearance of the color and can damage the paint when left untreated. Surprisingly, even new cars can have contaminated paint.

Contamination with metal particles is probably the worst contamination. Contamination can be felt as a rough texture or pebbles on the surface of freshly washed paint. To assess the degree of contamination, you can use a plastic bag. Put your hand in the bag and walk it on the surface of the paint (it must be washed and dried), and if you feel various spots in the paint, they are part of the contamination.

With the help of Bilt Hamber Medium Clay, 200gr you will remove those points that you discovered after the test above. For existing clays on the market, you need a lubricant to be able to use the clay without causing paint scratches. Due to the research done in the field, at Bilt Hamber Medium Clay, 200gr you can also use tap water to lubricate it.

Bilt Hamber Medium Clay, 200gr has a composition of minerals with low hardness, so the abrasive effect is practically non-existent compared to other brands.

This clay is an average one.

Content: 200 gr