Autosol Metal Polish, 75ml
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Autosol Metal Polish, 75ml

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Autosol Metal Polish, 75ml is the most popular product of the manufacturer Autosol, due to its superior quality. Autosol Metal Polish, 75ml  has won numerous international awards, being recommended by car manufacturers (BMW, etc.), museums or restoration experts from around the world. Autosol Metal Polish, 75ml  removes quickly and safely: oxidation, rust, stains. It produces an impressive gloss and leaves behind a protective layer preventing the compromise of the treated element. Autosol Metal Polish, 75ml  can be used to remove scratches and deposits on: muffler, chrome accessories, musical instruments, chrome rim caps, anodized aluminum rims, chrome rims, and many other unpainted metal parts.

Instructions for use:

- spread the solution with a cloth on the piece of metal to be cleaned;
- work the white paste using circular movements until it becomes transparent;
- remove the residue with a clean cloth;

Content: 75 ml