Auto Quick Detailer 303 Speed Detailer, 476ml
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Auto Quick Detailer 303 Speed Detailer, 476ml

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303 Speed ​​Detailer, 476ml preserves the paint and metal gloss, without leaving traces, with the help of an antistatic formula (dust rejection). 303 Speed ​​Detailer, 476ml works just as well for glass, fiberglass, paint, pejiglas, and other plastics. In addition, the 303 Speed ​​Detailer, 476ml offers UV protection of SPF 40 to maintain a shiny appearance. 303 simplifies car care with the help of this fast and protective detailing product. 303 Speed ​​Detailer , 476ml removes dust and offers a protective layer. The surface treated with 303 Speed ​​Detailer , 476ml will repel dust, dirt and stains, and will be strongly protected against UV rays, thus preventing oxidation and blurring.

303 Speed ​​Detailer, 476ml is perfect for cars, boats, motorcycles and motorhomes. The product helps to quickly erase the surfaces of a boat in a day of sailing. Clean the chrome bumpers and plastics of your car or motorcycle, as well as painted metal surfaces. This product will instantly clean your windows. 303 Speed ​​Detailer, 476ml is a versatile product that should not be missing from your arsenal of detailing. Like all 303, 303 Speed ​​Detailer, 476ml is non-hazardous and flammable, and is biodegradable.

Now, 303 Speed ​​Detailer, 476ml offers your vehicle, boat, motorcycle or caravan a quick detailing, resulting in high quality gloss and strong protection. 303 Speed ​​Detailer, 476ml can be used on paint, varnish, glass fiber, plastic, transparent plastic, chrome, stainless steel, windows, etc. It is not an abrasive product.

Instructions for use:

 - shake well before use;
 - ensuring that the surface is dry and cold;
 - spray 303 Speed ​​Detailer - Quick Detailing on each section;
 - disperses the applied product using a microfiber cloth;
 - polishes using another microfibre dry cloth;

Content: 476 ml (container with sprayer)