Auto Liquid Wax Liqui Moly Gloss Spray Wax, 400ml
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Auto Liquid Wax Liqui Moly Gloss Spray Wax, 400ml

Auto Liquid Wax Liqui Moly Gloss Spray Wax, 400ml

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Liqui Moly Gloss Spray Wax, 400ml with good cleansing effect, restores shine. Dirt on the street and grease deposits are easily and quickly removed, and surfaces are protected from scratches. By extremely easy polishing (in a single gesture) of all types of varnish and paint, a perfect surface is obtained, with a high degree of gloss and a deep color. The protection layer obtained levels the superficial scratches and preserves the lake against the influences of the weather.

Benefits of Liqui Moly Gloss Spray Wax, 400ml:

- very easy to polish
- mirror gloss finish
- protects against the influence of aggressive environment
- removes greasy contaminants and light dirt
- excellent long-term protection
- high coverage capacity
- refreshes the colors
- can be applied without scratches
- without silicone

How to apply: Quick and easy use minimizes effort. Surfaces that are heavily contaminated should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before treatment. Shake the product before use. Apply a thin and even layer. Treat one section at a time. After that, wipe surfaces with a soft cloth or microfiber cloth, polishing at the same time. If necessary, use a dry cloth for polishing. Cellulose or paper towels are not suitable for polishing or re-polishing. Do not use in strong sunlight or on hot paint surfaces.
Note: Cleans, polishes and protects, all in one operation.

Quantity: 400 ml