Aquapel Hydrophobic Glass Treatment
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Aquapel Hydrophobic Glass Treatment

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Aquapel Hydrophobic Glass Treatment was developed by PPG Industries USA, market leaders in glass technology. Using technology developed for the aviation industry, Aquapel Hydrophobic Glass Treatment forms a chemical bond with the glass which increases the ability to reject water, as a result water flows very easily from the windows. Aquapel Hydrophobic Glass Treatment is applied in just a few minutes to the clean and dry windscreen or to any exterior surface of the glass, it lasts up to 6 times longer than conventional treatments. Furthermore, Aquapel Hydrophobic Glass Treatment remains just as effective after many months of application, under normal conditions of use, including torrential rain or snow, regular washing, cleaning windows and salt on the roads.

Instructions for use:

- Clean the windscreen using a high quality window cleaner (Gyeon Glass, Sonax Xtreme Glass Clear NanoPro or 3M Glass Cleaner). Also, use a quality microfiber such as Pro Detailing 40x40 cm General Use Microfiber Wipe to ensure that the application is done as smoothly as possible.

- hold the applicator between your fingers with the sponge part down and over the windscreen and other windows using straight movements. Tighten the fins until you hear a click, when the liquid enters the applicator, ready for immediate use. Do not touch painted parts with the Aquapel applicator. If, by mistake, you have reached with the Aquapel applicator any part of the car, other than the windows, immediately wipe it with a piece of dry paper.

- dry the windows treated with a microfiber cloth immediately after applying Aquapel. Discard the applicator. If the glass is not wiped off immediately after application, there is a danger that the solution may dry out prematurely and this may require further polishing.


- one applicator is sufficient for one application (2 side windows or 1 windscreen);
- do not allow Aquapel Hydrophobic Treatment Windows to dry naturally on windows;
- when applying on large surfaces, work on small pieces, to prevent premature drying;
- do not apply the product in negative temperatures or in the sun;
- cleaning the windows using ordinary cleaning products does not affect the durability;

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