Aniline Leather Cream Colourlock, 250ml
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Aniline Leather Cream Colourlock, 250ml

Aniline Leather Cream Colourlock, 250ml

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Aniline Leather Cream Colourlock, 250ml is a product for open pore leather care. Aniline Cream is a care and stain protection product suitable for all leathers with open pores, with a fine texture, which have a thin protective layer and in which liquid drops are not immediately absorbed. Also, oily and greasy leathers can be treated with Aniline Cream. Leather treated with Aniline Cream is usually found on furniture, bags or clothing. Due to the sensitivity of leather with open pores, all products must be tested first on hidden areas to observe the changes that occur.

Aniline is leather with open pores. These leathers are pleasant to the touch, warm, with a natural appearance, but more sensitive than nappa leathers (dyed on the surface). Aniline is not always the same. Some have a fine texture and are pre-impregnated, and others are very porous and absorb water immediately. Aniline Cream is suitable for leathers with a fine porosity and pre-impregnated, and for the most sensitive leathers, Leather Care and Impregnating Oil Colourlock, 175ml and Aniline Protector are a first choice.

Aniline Cream is a suitable product for oily and greasy leathers. Once again, there are varieties. Some greasy or oily leathers are very matte and very textured, some have a fine texture and are soft and semi-glossy. Aniline Cream is the first choice for matte leather with a silky appearance, and for matte and very oily skin, Colourlock Elephant Leather Preserver, 125ml.

Proper care is very important for skins with open pores, as they become less sensitive and easy to clean. Anyway, the best protection is the attention given to the use of such leathers.

How to use: For daily use, we recommend Aniline Cream. Aniline Cream is an ideal product for protection against stains and for maintaining the suppleness of the leather. Wear marks on oily leather are reduced with Aniline Cream.

Aniline Cream is only applied to clean leather. Moisten a soft, lint-free cloth a little with Aniline Cream and apply to the leather evenly by circular movements from one seam to another. Let the product be absorbed well (10 min.) and repeat if necessary. New aniline leathers must be treated several times during the initial treatment in the most used areas to prevent the formation of stains and discoloration. After application, gently dry the surface using a hair dryer with cold air. The protective effect is considerably increased. The requested surfaces must be treated once every three months. For the least requested, at an interval of 6-12 months.

Aged leathers or leathers that are regularly exposed to the sun or heat sources should be additionally treated with Aniline Protector. Aniline Protector provides the necessary moisturizing substances for dry leathers and protects against discoloration.

The amount of 75 ml of Aniline Cream is recommended for bags. The 250 ml for an armchair. For larger surfaces, the 1 L version. The product can be stored for several years in places protected from frost and excessive heat.

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