3M Ultrafina SE, 1kg
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3M Ultrafina SE, 1kg

3M Ultrafina SE, 1kg

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Although 3M Ultrafina SE, 1kg was initially designed, especially for use on modern ceramic lakes, it has proven to be ideal for use on other hard lakes as well, in cases where the cutting level should be low and the gloss should be great for paint correction. The 3M Ultrafina SE, 1kg comprises a unique mix of micro-abrasives (dimishing type) and offers distinct advantages in terms of quality of finish and working time, along with the simplicity and ease of use.

The 3M Ultrafina SE, 1kg can be used with a rotary or an orbital machine, making it ideal for use by detailing enthusiasts.

Because the risks of use must be understood before use, the user must read the instructions for use.

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