3M Pneumatic Applicator Gun 600A
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3M Pneumatic Applicator Gun 600A

3M Pneumatic Applicator Gun 600A

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3M Pneumatic Applicator Gun 600A efficiently applies 3M adhesive sealants for light and fast applications, using a pneumatic connection (compressed air) to provide continuous pressure, allowing a quick and easy way to measure and apply sealants.

The 3M Pneumatic Applicator Gun 600A has a metal construction for long-lasting durability and an ergonomically balanced distribution handle for comfortable handling and precise control. This pneumatic applicator (compressed air) offers the rapid application of adhesive sealing materials from one project to another. This applicator accepts standard air fittings for fast and efficient pneumatic operation, making it ideal for high volume work.

Benefits of 3M Pneumatic Applicator Gun 600A:

- The ergonomically balanced distribution handle offers comfortable handling and precise control
- has a quick release cover
- effective for gluing, joining, attaching, assembling and sealing applications

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