3M Anti-Chip Coating, 500ml
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3M Anti-Chip Coating, 500ml

3M Anti-Chip Coating, 500ml

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3M Anti-Chip Coating, 500ml offers a gray rubber spray coating that provides protection against hail, weather and corrosion protection. It dries quickly, can be painted and has a good sound damping performance. The spray can be used for patches or after repairing the application where the original coating is damaged. It is designed to restore the slightly textured finish on the following parts: side sills and lower parts of the wings.

Benefits of 3M Anti-Chip Coating, 500ml:

- easy to apply spray
- fast drying
- high speed application
- resistance to weather and water
- paintable
- offers sound damping
- good adhesion to the painted surface
- flexible

Quantity: 500ml