303 Stain Guard, 473ml
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303 Stain Guard, 473ml

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303 Stain Guard, 473ml helps you keep the fabrics inside the house and the car safe. Whether you have children, pets or just want to organize the next wine tasting with friends make sure you use 303 Stain Guard, 473ml for interior fabrics for maximum protection. This product will help prevent stains and repel liquids caused by: food, wine, carbonated beverages, natural juices, stains caused by children, pets and dirt or mud from various activities.

303 Stain Guard, 473ml is recommended by one of the largest fabric manufacturers in the USA, Sunbrella, to protect fabrics and prevent stains and dirt. It is recommended that the product be used on fabrics and not on plastic, vinyl, rubber, fiberglass and unfinished leather.


- it is used safely on all types of fabrics such as: sofas, sofa cushions, upholstered chairs, curtains, tablecloths, etc .;
- increases stain resistance and rejects liquids;
- protects and prevents the worst stains (red wine, cherry juice, coffee ...) and can be used on all types of fabrics, including natural or synthetic fibers;
- keep all your favorite fabrics like us for as long as possible.

Instructions for use:

Use the product only on dry and clean fabrics. When applying it is recommended to leave the glass open and the temperature to be at least 12 C. Spray the product on the surface you want to treat until you notice that you have applied evenly and the material leaves the impression of damp. It is not necessary to overtreat. The treated surface will be left to dry 12-24 hours before use. For best results it is recommended to retract the surface after 30-45 days. To be able to figure out when retreatment is necessary, you can pour a little water on the fabric and if it is absorbed it is time to reapply the product.

Quantity: 473 ml (covers up to 7 sqm of material)