303 Fabric Convertible Top Kit, 476 ml
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303 Fabric Convertible Top Kit, 476 ml

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303 Fabric Convertible Top Kit contains soft-top cleaner (303 Convertible Top Cleaner) and waterproofing solution (303 High Tech Fabric Guard) - Absolutely everything you need to keep your soft-top as new.

303 Convertible Top Cleaner uses a colloidal action to lift the oil, grease and dirt in suspension. 303 Convertible Top Cleaner does not contain soap, detergent, toxic substances, phosphates, nitrates or caustic soda. This product is extremely efficient and extremely safe, leaving no residue.

303 High Tech Fabric Guard is the best waterproofing agent on the market, which will protect the fabrics even in the harshest environment. 303 High Tech Fabric Guard creates a protective film against water, dirt, mold, and UV rays.

Contents: 303 Convertible Top Cleaner, 476 ml & 303 High Tech Fabric Guard,476 ml