Wheel and Tire Cleaner GreenX, 750ml
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Wheel and Tire Cleaner GreenX, 750ml

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Enrich your car care routine with Wheel and Tire Cleaner GreenX, 750ml, the ecological choice for maintaining the flawless appearance of your wheels. Unlike conventional wheel cleaning products, our innovative formula does not contain aggressive chemicals, high alkalinity and solvents, making it safe for both your wheels and the environment.

The main advantages:

Very good cleaning properties without the use of aggressive chemicals
Cleaning power based on sustainable plant-based surfactants
Formulations without solvents
Cleaning gel with high adhesion and long exposure time

Why GreenX Wheel & Tire Cleaner?

Efficient cleaning:

Nanolex GreenX Wheel and Tire Cleaner, 750ml has been developed to offer exceptional cleaning properties to remove brake residue and road grime without using harsh chemicals. Say goodbye to stubborn rim stains and welcome to a flawless shine.

Vegetable surfactants:

We are dedicated to sustainability, which is why we have integrated green, plant-based surfactants into our formula. These natural ingredients not only ensure a powerful cleaning, but also reduce the environmental impact of caring for your car.

Instructions for use:

Start by making sure the wheels are cool before starting the cleaning process.
Spray a generous amount of GreenX Wheel & Tire Cleaner on the surface of the wheels. Make sure all areas, especially very dirty ones, are covered.
Let the product act for up to 5 minutes, but never let it dry on the surface.
Use a soft wheel brush or a special wheel cleaning brush to agitate the detergent, focusing on the recesses and hard-to-reach areas.
Rinse the wheels well with water to remove all residues of GreenX Wheel & Tire Cleaner.
Choose an ecological option and experience the superior cleaning power of the GreenX rim and tire cleaning solution - where performance meets durability and will make your wheels shine naturally.
GreenX Wheel & Tire Cleaner was developed, tested and produced in Germany.

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